Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Countdown to Move-Out: 5 Weekends

I made it to Fernley without incident yesterday. I'm now looking nervously at the weather forecast. There's a 100% chance of snow today over Donner with "accumulations of up to 6 cm" forecast. Tomorrow there's a lesser chance of snow, and I'm hoping that I can get over the top tomorrow without having to chain up.

This morning, I unloaded the van with what may be the final van-load of stuff I move up here to Fernley before the move is done. Looking at the calendar, I may not be able to come up here next weekend. The Wednesday after that is the day I take possession of the new apartment. The days after that will have me moving stuff from Fremont to San Jose daily, with particular emphasis on the weekend. (That reminds me that I need to start the wheels turning on getting internet access at the new place.) The weekend after that is Heavy Lifting Days, where I'll move the large furniture to Fernley along with whatever else I can fit into the moving van. The weekend after that is Cleanup, where Lisa is planning on coming down to help me clean the Fremont apartment prior to turning the keys in to the owner.

Once I take possession of the new place — a furnished studio that will be like living in a long-stay hotel — I'll be able to make some final decisions about what can or should stay in the Bay Area and what will have to go to Fernley. There's a chance that I might decide to upgrade the moving truck from the small to the medium size. Also, I need to remember to take the rope and hand truck from here in Fernley back with me if Lisa will let me. OTOH, Lisa needs that hand truck to move bottles of propane to the propane place down the road. Decisions, decisions....
Tags: fernley, lisa, moving daze

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