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I was allowed to work from home today because there were some errands that had to be done on a weekday between 8 AM - 5 PM, and my new job assignment has made that practically impossible.

I was working from 6 AM, but for various reasons was unable to quit until 3 PM. That still gave me time to get to the first and most time-constrained errand, which was taking the waste grease and burnt-out florescent bulbs to the waste-disposal company. I don't cook enough to generate too much grease, but I had accumulated three bottles of the stuff, which can only be turned in at one site, and you have to show proof of residency in Fremont, which I'll only legitimately have for the rest of this month.

Other errands had a little more flexibility. After getting the oil changed at Jiffy Lube in Newark, I took the van for a long-delayed tire rotation at America's Tire in Fremont downtown, and had pointed out to me that putting it off probably reduced the life of what were the front tires. They're still legal, barely, but I should expect to have to buy at least two new tires next rotation. You run up miles quickly with a bunch of 600 mile round trips to Fernley.

While waiting for the tires, I walked up to Goodwill and dropped of some small household items that I don't need anymore, but which are still in good condition. I even still had the original packaging for them, so I'm booking them on the charitable deductions records at maximum value. (Which will only matter if I end up with enough deductions to justify itemizing, but it seems worth attempting this year, it being the first full year on which I'll be paying on the mortgage.)

I also stopped by a We-Buy-Gold place and asked for an offer on the gold filling. They first offered $26, then did a "let me call my manager" and raised it to $30 but said they couldn't possibly go any higher than that. I balked and took my bit of gold back with me. The important thing was to learn how much the crown weighs (1.5 dwt, about 2.48 g) and the likely purity (dental gold is usually 14K, they said). Later searching around suggests the gold is worth around $75 at current prices, and while I expect a dealer to make a profit, I think $30 is too low. I'd expect no less than 50% of the gold's full value. I'll check some other offers. At only $30, it's more worthwhile to give it to my father to add to the collection of gold that he's panned over the years (not a lot, but he enjoyed the hobby).

My van was ready to go when I got back from the errands on foot. Also along the way I was able to make a stop at the bank where I had to do something at a teller, not an ATM.

So I got most things checked off the list, including everything that couldn't be done on the weekend. I didn't have time for a haircut, but I'm going to do that tomorrow morning before being back home in plenty of time for the Hugo Award Announcements at 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time on UStream. I wish I could follow all five announcements, but I doubt that I have enough bandwidth for that.
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