Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Striking Gold

I wrote yesterday of being highly disappointed with the offer I got for the gold crown and that I walked out on it. Near my soon-to-be-ex-home is another sell-your-gold place that only recently opened. I went for a walk this afternoon and decided to see what they'd offer me for it. They ran a rub test and weighed it, confirming that the crown appeared to be 2.5 g of 14K gold. They offered me $50 straight up. Considering that I'd previously calculated that the best-case value of the gold was $75 and that $50 was a reasonable offer (I rejected $30 yesterday), I decided not to quibble and took the offer, which they paid (to my surprise) in cash.

I might have been able to squeeze another $5 out of them, or from the other gold place, by getting the offer in writing (the first place had a "we'll match any other written offer and beat it by 10%), but I didn't consider it worth running around for an extra $5 like that. Besides, it's probably less than 2.5 g, on account of there still some dental cement on the inside of the thing. It was a decent offer and it gives me and extra $50 to put toward the rather large dental bill I'm going to get for the replacement crown.
Tags: dental, money

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