Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Countdown to Move-Out: 4 Weekends

This weekend included errand running (see previous entries) and more packing.

I packed up most of the remaining kitchen pots, pans, and assorted larger pieces that I expect to send up to Fernley. I can't make a final determination on this element until I move stuff over to the new apartment and find out just how much practical storage space I'll have for kitchenware.

I disconnected and packed up the home stereo system. Fortunately, I had a box the right shape and size to hold it, and another one for the woofer. I'm pretty sure I kept the original packaging for this, but it's up in my storage locker in Yuba City, and probably near the back of the locker, inaccessible. Shrug.

Speaking of original packaging, I found the boxes for the Wii, which will make moving it much easier. I disconnected it and packed it away.

This apartment includes a storage closet off the patio. Treading gingerly because I've found a black widow spider in there in the past, I mostly cleared it out today, except for things that will stay with the apartment when I leave like a broken closet door that was broken when we moved in and which we never got around to having fixed.

Last weekend, while Lisa and I were running shopping errands in Reno, my nephew called to tell me that the closing-out of my late grandfather's house is mostly done now, and that they've excavated to the point where the rest of my comics collection (which was buried beneath mountains of other material) was now ready to be picked up, along with a desk that I didn't even know that I had there. We agreed that I'd come and get it on the afternoon of April 21, the big Moving Daze.

This meant revising the rental truck plan. I canceled the original reservation and made a new one for the middle-sized vehicle and bought extra miles (it only comes with enough miles to drive one-way from the pickup location to the drop-off location; you pay more for out-of-route miles, and it's cheaper to buy extra miles up front than to be charged after the move). I also will now pick up the truck on late Friday afternoon so I'll have it here in Fremont first thing in the morning.

I'm hoping that folks can come here at 9 AM on Saturday the 21st so that we can get the truck loaded early. Besides the large furniture, there will be a couple of closets-full of stuff that is already boxed up and should be relatively easy to move. I'll have one rented hand truck and a heavy-duty luggage cart (350 lb capacity) to make that easier.

If I'm really lucky, I can get out of Fremont by Noon. I'll then drive to Yuba City and put some of the boxes into my storage locker there, then go over to Sutter, where my nephew will meet me and we'll move the last of my things out of the house there. They hope to close out the house in Sutter by the end of this month, 13 months after my grandfather's death. The closing-out process was significantly delayed by my mother's illness, of course.

After Sutter, it's on to Reno/Sparks. Lisa may drive in to Sparks at meet me there so we can go to the Nugget for dinner and for the monthly prize drawing. Hey, that $10K drawing prize could come in really handy, like buying a new furnace and a bunch of new plumbing for Fernley House.

Sunday will be unloading day. We expect to drive back into Reno that night and drop off the truck in the overnight drop. It isn't actually due back until late Monday, but Monday morning I'll be catching the California Zephyr back to the Bay Area, and Lisa and I plan to spend the night in Reno to facilitate this.

I know I've accomplished a lot here, but it still keeps looking like there's an incredible amount of work to do, with stuff strewn hither and yon. I'll feel much better once I have possession of the new apartment and can start moving the stuff that isn't being stored or moved to Fernley. I'll have a little over a week of that (including next weekend), which will create a different kind of problem, but I'll deal with that when it gets here.
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