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Moving Daze: Good Start

Those of you who follow my Twitter feed know a fair bit of the story I'm going to be posting here, but here it comes for the record. It's long enough that I'll be posting it in multiple parts.

I woke up half an hour ahead of my alarm clock on Saturday morning, which turned out to be a good thing and I needed every minute of it. I stripped the bed and tossed the bedding into the washer so it would be clean and packed away before the weak minds strong-backed generous volunteers from BASFA arrived. After breakfast, I started sealing up the last of the boxes, and sure enough, ended up having to re-open one of them when I found a drawer full of stuff that I'd forgotten about that I had to quickly bag up and put in the box into which it was supposed to go.

Around 9 AM, people began arriving. Some of them even had read the directions and came to the correct gate. (The others relied on their GPS devices and ended up at the wrong gate and had to be talked in by mobile phone. I'm still grateful for everyone's help.)

I'd staged the apartment in zones, marking what needed to go on the truck and in what order. When enough people had arrived to make it worthwhile, I retrieved the 16-foot rental truck, which just barely fit into the space where it was parked, and eased it into position in front of my apartment, leaving as much room as I could for people to drive around it. I'm glad none of my neighbors needed to pull their cars out during the period the truck was parked there.

Besides the hand-truck from Budget (with a box-bar, which is very useful), David Gallaher brought a small furniture dolly and David Clark brought a smaller hand truck; furthermore, I have a high-capacity folding luggage cart. The BASFA Displacement Committee set to work with a will and managed to shift everything, including a medium-sized entertainment center, two sofas, a queen bed, sundry smaller items like a coffee table, two tube-type televisions (one quite heavy), and a lot more boxes than I thought there were going to be going until I started actually boxing them.

Although we had plenty of rope, they were able to pack things in so that we didn't need to tie anything down. That's partially because things didn't have to stack very high, on account of my having rented the 16-foot truck rather than the 10-footer. The smaller truck might have been easier to maneuver, but would have been much more difficult to pack.

I forgot to take a "before" photo, but this was the living room after they finished with the removals.

Here's the master bedroom after clearance. Over in the corner is an inflatable Aero bed in case I need to spend a night or two more here this coming week, which seems likely. Not visible is the closet area behind me in which I'd put things with a prominent NOT ON TRUCK sign because it will go to Atrium next week.

The only un-touched area was this corner of my office, which is still my work desk for a couple more days until I disassemble it and move it to Atrium.

The BASFA Displacement Committee did a fantastic job, moving the entire contents marked for removal in only about 90 minutes. I thanked them all, offered everyone their pick of things from the shelves in the kitchen with stuff that I'm not moving and will discard if not claimed, and was able to get the truck buttoned up and ready to go before 11 AM, more than an hour before I'd originally hoped. (In retrospect, I was to need that time desperately.) Thank you, everyone!

As people left, they wished me a safe trip. I thanked them and hoped for an uneventful journey. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to be the case, but that's another story to follow shortly.
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