Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Moving Daze: Indifferent End

When I started the rental truck in Sparks, I could see that I was down to less than one-eighth of a tank of gas, but figured that I should be able get out to Fernley and we could refuel there, where gas is substantially cheaper.

Pulling out of the Nugget, the check-engine light came back on and the power dropped. Lisa and I didn't have radios between our vehicles this time, and I decided to try and limp home to Fernley. It was like pulling teeth to get the truck up to 55, but I managed. Then, around the Patrick exit, the light went back off and the power returned, leaving me only to worry about whether I had enough fuel to make it.

Pulling around to the front of Fernley House, I scared up one of the rabbits that live around here, and the silly thing ran the wrong way, trapping itself against our front fence but fortunately taking no harm and figuring out how to get away once I stopped. As I pulled the truck to a stop, the low-fuel warning light came on, so I figure I have enough gas to go the mile or two to the Pilot truck stop.

Lisa had me go ahead and pull the truck around to the garage on the other side of the property, as many of the boxes will be stored there initially. I was too tired to do anything else after a much too long, much more eventful day than I wanted. At that point, all I wanted was sleep, which was what I got.
Tags: moving daze

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