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Countdown to Move-Out: 2 Weekends

After lunch today, Lisa and I began unloading the rental truck. The early parts, closer to the door, weren't so bad, as they were mostly boxes and/or odd-sized but manageable like floor lamps, poster tubes, and the like. But the Big Stuff was Not Fun.

It turned out that the most difficult piece of furniture was the queen bed. The box is heavy and hard to manage, and not something we could manage well on the hand truck. After much cursing and unhappiness, Lisa got some of the boxes in which the metal shelving we bought had come, put that under the box, and we used that to slide the box down the truck's ramp. From there, we could barely manage to get it onto the hand truck and slowly move it into the house, where it's now propped up against a wall until the bedroom is actually ready for it. And because I'd not gotten a big mattress bag, it means the box got a little dirty in the process, which is too bad.

The other big items weren't very fun, either, but we did eventually get them all into the house in one form or another. I think those five large items (mattress and box, two sofas, and entertainment center) took as much time as the entire rest of the truck put together. We weren't finished until about 5:30 PM. On the bright side, the thunderstorms in the area did not cross over us, and indeed at times the clouds moved across the sun, cutting the too-warm temperatures. Lisa complained that spring only lasted about one week this year.

We weren't really done yet. While Lisa will be unpacking most of the boxes, we needed to get the UPS hooked up and the MorganEnergy computer that lives in the USA running. Lisa rearranged all of the various connections around the computer area and we set up the UPS, plugged the DSL and router and computer into it, and got it going.

After an all-too-short recovery time, we packed up our personal effects into Lisa's pickup and drove into Reno (refueling both Lisa's pickup and the rental truck in Fernley), where we returned the rental truck to the facility a few blocks from the Atlantis Hotel. Lisa suggested we have dinner at the Peppermill buffet, which was a good idea, but by the time we got there it was closing time at the buffet, so we simply headed up to the Silver Legacy, where I'd reserved a room for the night. Although there were relatively inexpensive regular rooms available, I'd splurged on one of their spa suites (only $90, although there's a mountain of add-ons and taxes) because I thought Lisa might need it after all of that furniture wrangling.

We had dinner at the Eldorado Hotel's coffee shop and turned in for the night. As I unpacked my bag, I realized that I'd left my toiletries kit (toothbrush and such, but more annoyingly my high blood pressure medication) in Fernley. That's no more than an annoyance since I'll be back in two weeks, but it is frustrating. Worse, I appear to have not packed any clean shirts, which means tomorrow I have to wear the same shirt I've been wearing for two days while doing the packing. Darn, darn, darn. Fortunately, I didn't leave my CPAP machine or anything critical behind, or else we would have had to go back to Fernley, which would have taken a couple of hours, and we're both exhausted.

This spa suite is pretty nice. It's bigger than my new apartment. Besides the spa tub, it also has a shower that looks like it would hold five people. Lisa did make good use of the spa tub, and made up her mind that when money and time permits, we will replace the garden spa tub at Fernley House (currently broken) with another spa tub, as she finds that she likes the jets. It's not on the top of the list, but it's gaining ground. Of course, we have to actually have water inside the house (which we still do not have and won't for a while yet) and maybe even hot water, which we won't have until after we replace the furnace so we can justify re-connecting the natural gas. (Having to overpay $17K on this house and to spend $5K on replacing the underfloor joists leaves us considerably behind where we expected to be when we first started moving on it. I reckon it will be several more years before we're done with the most important work. Thank goodness for the "lifeboat.")

I checked the Amtrak status, and it claims that tomorrow's California Zephyr will be departing on time just after 11 AM, which means we should be able to have breakfast and check out of the room without much drama.

I do very much hope tomorrow is a nice quiet train ride back to the Bay Area. This weekend has had too much drama for me.
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