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Blood Test Results

I have my quarterly diabetes checkup next Wednesday, so I carefully refrained from eating after about 7:30 last night so I'd have a 12-hour-fasting blood sugar when I stopped by the clinic in Redwood Shores on my way to work and gave a blood sample. I was impressed with how fast Palo Alto Medical Clinic turned around the result. About an hour ago, I got an e-mail telling me the test results were online. I signed in and took a look.

The two critical values for me are A1C (Glycohemoglobin) and Glucose (blood sugar). The latter is what I test on my little meter. I've been having difficulty with the latter figure, and wouldn't you know that this morning was worse than usual, and I had a 120 reading (normal value 70-100). The A1C was much better. This measures how well I've kept my blood sugar under control for the past three months, and the non-diabetic normal values are 4.0 to 6.0%. My reading: 5.4%, up slightly from the 5.1% three months ago, but still within normal range. Hooray for me!
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