Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mini Road Trip

I have enough Holiday Inn frequent-stay points for me to pay attention to it. They're currently running a promotion where you get a bonus 1000 points in their program (normally 1 point per dollar spent) for every third night you say in a Holiday Inn-family hotel. The promotion ends at the end of April, and after my visit to see my family over Easter, I needed one more hotel night to earn the bonus. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a hotel, so I had a look, and found that the Holiday Inn Express in south Fremont had rooms for as little as $59, or $68 with the Jacuzzi-style bathtub.

I decided to take the big bathtub, and am thus spending tonight in a hotel only about five miles from my apartment. cherylmorgan joined me for this micro-vacation, as we can use the pool and hot tub. (Besides, I'm taking her out to dinner to celebrate her birthday, since we were busy on her birthday itself attending a reading in The City.) The tub proved to be a bit challening to use because there was no indication that you have to turn on a timer switch on the opposite side of the bathroom from the tub itself to make it work.

For all that it's only a one-night trip, we really traveled heavy. After reviewing how much stuff we were carrying with us, I suggested that maybe we should send the porters on ahead. And at that, we still managed to leave behind some things we wanted, and had to go back home and get them.

One thing this hotel does not do as well as the one in Yuba City is the internet access. They have wired access, and it's faster than Yuba City's, but it can't be shared. At Yuba City, I was able to plug a router into the hotel box, and then plug our computers into the router, and all was well. Here in Fremont, each machine can individually use the wired connection, but the router is unable to do the proper responses to make it access the internet, so our individual machines cannot share the connection. Instead, we have to trade off to use the connection. This is not a big deal for a single night, of course. We're just spoiled for technology, that's all.

Among the spoiled items: the TV has RCA ports on the front of it. That means we should be able to watch one of the rugby matches I downloaded from my MediaZone account last night, as long as I keep the internet connection on long enough to acquire the license to play it. Ah, luxury!

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