Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I forgot to mention this earlier, but since people who have seen me since Sunday have commented on it: yes, I have a nasty looking red blotch on the top of my forehead right now.

When a co-worker noticed it on Monday, I said, "Maybe I should say Lisa walloped me over the head with a bottle for neglecting her, but the real answer is more prosaic."

I've had the seats out of my van for several months. In fact, the rearmost seat has been out for years, but I took the middle seat out right after we moved in to Fernley House so I could use the full cargo capacity for moving. Since I'm now out of the Fremont apartment and no longer need the cargo capacity as much as Lisa would like to have the floor space in the garage back, we wrestled the seats back into the van this weekend.

While I was shoving the rear seat back into position in my van, I had the bad luck to hit my head right on the bracket at the rear center portion of the door frame where the rear doors latch. I hit it pretty hard, really; enough to where I had to stop and recover for a few minutes before we could finish the job. I'm okay, but it left a bump and scratch that, thanks to my vanishing hair, is very visible.
Tags: health, lisa, van

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