Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ballpark Express

Thanks to David Gallaher for finding his original of the photo I was using as my icon here so I could return to the my-hair's-on-fire picture.

Thanks also to Adrienne Foster for letting me have her tickets to last night's Giants-Rockies game. Wow, does she have good seats. It turns out I should have volunteered to my co-workers that I had a seat going unused; one of them might have been interested in coming to the game, and I could have recovered the rest of Adrienne's ticket cost.

This is the view from the seats in question: section 315, looking right down over any right-handed batter's shoulder. The view was great. You can see here, though, that a concert held during the week the Giants were out of town has had a negative impact on the outfield. I think maybe they're going to have to re-sod much of the outfield the next time the Giants hit the road.

Alas, the game did not go the way faithful Giants fans would have liked, with the Rockies winning 5-4. It very nearly went to extra innings (Giants had the tying run in scoring position in the bottom of the ninth), which would have meant I got home even more after midnight that I did manage. Because I was traveling on my own, I could get down from the upper deck, out of the stadium, and down to the Caltrain station relatively quickly. It's not easy, though, and I had only five minutes to spare before the express (skips stops to San Carlos) left.

I didn't get to bed until sometime around 1 AM or so. Fortunately, I could come in a couple hours late today, although I did need to work later this evening to make things come out "evenly," you might say.
Tags: baseball

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