Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

BayCon Day 3

After our unwanted medical adventure, Lisa really wasn't up to much more than sitting at a table with her foot propped up — doctor's orders. So we spent the rest of the afternoon behind the Westercon 66 table talking to people about Sacramento and Westercon.

Kuma Bear sat with Lisa, sometimes with me nearby, and we ended up selling two memberships to the 2013 Westercon, which will be at the Hilton Arden West (site of the last Sacramento Eclecticon in 1991) near the Cal Expo area of Sacramento.

The Fan Tables area had pretty good traffic, and we saw many people in costume. I was a little slow on the draw for most of them however, except for this lovely girl who stopped long enough to let me take a photo.

I'm so glad I have a working camera again.

Most of the fan tables closed out around 4:30 or 5, but Lisa and I, having little better to do, hung around until 7, after which we closed up shop. I took our stuff out to the van, and we had dinner in the bar, since you can order from the main restaurant menu from there and you can sit out in the open and socialize with people as they passed, which we did.

After dinner we headed up to the "Ordinary Hotel Room" where we were seeking "Agent 66," the shadowy agent we were told had something to to with Westercon in Sacramento. There had been room party flyers up insisting that Room 336 was an "ordinary hotel room," and there Westercon 66 had the room decorated with signs reassuring everyone that "This is an ordinary hotel phone," "this is an ordinary wall," and, least convincingly, "this is an ordinary bartender" next to Kevin Roche's ThinBot, a martini-mixing robot. (The name is inspired by the "Thin Man" films.) As usual with Kevin and Andy's parties, the place was packed, and while I enjoyed it (and ThinBot is really cool, even for a non-drinker like me), I had to flee across the hall to the less-crowded Fanzine Lounge. Lisa, who is more allergic to crowds than me, had already done so. We hung about for a while, talking with all comers and enjoying ourselves, but about 10:30 or we made our way out of the hotel and back to the Atrium Gardens.

Once again as I approached home, we saw people in anime costumes having just disembarked from light rail at Gish Station. We gave the girls the thumbs-up sign as we passed them, although I don't know if they saw. I helped Lisa out of the van and we turned in for the night.

It's a lot more work commuting to the convention, even when it's only a short distance. We'll be back over at BayCon tomorrow to help staff the table, but not necessarily very early.
Tags: baycon, costumes, fanimecon, westercon
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