Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

BayCon Day 4

The fourth and final day of BayCon was the first time that Lisa and I managed to get there before Noon, which is ironic considering that this was move-out day and things were much quieter. Most of the fan tables were unstaffed or closed early. We, however, started to do business. Indeed, we ended up selling more Westercon 66 memberships in the last four hours than in the preceding three days as people took stock and determined they could afford to buy a membership and take advantage of the $5 BayCon discount. I have no doubt that the awesome party hosted by Kevin & Andy (and ThinBot) the night before had something to do with people deciding that they should go ahead and join the convention and start planning to come to Sacramento next year for Independence Day.

We stuck around (excepting a break for lunch) until the hotel started taking down the fan tables, after which we both agreed we were quite tired and went back to the apartment. Both of us napped a bit, me much longer than Lisa, before we headed out to tonight's BASFA meeting, where, for a change, I stayed clear through to the end of the meeting.

Commuting to the convention is much cheaper than staying in the hotel, but it clearly is a different experience, and not, in my opinion, for the better. Even being only about ten minutes away from the convention makes for a less enjoyable experience than being right there on site. BayCon itself, what I saw of it, was fun and enjoyable and there were over 1,600 people attending and having a good time.
Tags: basfa, baycon, lisa

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