Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Thanks for Playing (Again!)

After seeing Lisa off to head to Fernley this afternoon (she's back home safely), I headed off this evening to see (again) the final evening performance of Thanks for Playing the Game Show Show at The Retrodome. Shortly before curtain, I heard a familiar voice say, "Is this seat taken?" and David W. Clark sat next to me. By sheer coincidence, Dave ended up booking the seat right next to me, which is doubly odd (or else people spread out) because nobody else had seats on our row.

I had yet another great time on this third time through the show. Partially because the nature of the show and the audience members participating as contestants, no two performances are quite the same. Tonight's show seemed very different from last weekend's. In particular, the "Match Game"-esque show in Act 2 had far more of what Match Game aficionados might call a "Thursday show" feel in it, and what seemed like a lot more improv than we've seen before. I started feeling the same sort of vive we've had in our Match Game SF Late Night shows, and that's a positive thing. It also helped that all five audience contestants were live wires and good sports, and they all added to the show. One of the contestants threatened to steal part of a scene in act 1 just by the expressions he was pulling; it was very funny.

After the show, I spoke to many of the cast members again, including Ric Iverson ("Tripp" MacMurray), who greeted me by name. "You remembered me!" I said.

"Sure," he laughed, "I'm your stalker, remember?" (He posted, in character, on my initial review of the show.)

I also spoke briefly with Shannon Guggenheim, the female lead and co-producer (and book & lyrics writer and choreographer!) of the show. I thanked her (and also Stephen Guggenheim, the male lead (and co-producer/musical director)) for bringing this show to stage. I know from having read reviews and interviews that they would like to see if they can get this production on the road and maybe even to Chicago or off-Broadway, and I really hope they succeed.

I nearly floated home on a cloud of feel-good, which I have had from every time I've seen the show. On the spur of the moment when I got home tonight, I booked a ticket for the final performance, coming up at 2 PM Sunday afternoon. I think I will have the seat in Row D next to Ken and Jerry Patterson.

The only regret I have is that I can't be a contestant again. It wouldn't be fair; besides, I'd know what was coming — you might think the show was rigged!
Tags: fandom, game shows, match game sf, theatre

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