Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Long Frustrating Day

For a change, we got off to Reno before noon. That's about the only thing that went right.

We stopped for lunch at John's Oyster Bar at the Nugget in Sparks, where the staff greeted us with a "It's been a while, hasn't it?" Yes, they recognize us on sight now. We played a little bit of slots after lunch, and Lisa's winnings on Batman made a tiny dent in my keno ticket losses.

Main job #1 today was to go get paint from Sherwin-Williams. I had examined the test sections that Lisa did on the porch, and they all look good to me. Fireweed looks to be the correct shade of red, and Lisa is happy with how the paint goes on and cleans up. (It's water-based.) We had a 30% off coupon good this week only. We went to the S-W store and it turns out that they're out of the particular base for that kind of paint; however, they will order more of it and will honor the 30% off coupon next week when they have it, so that's not too bad. The paint is about $55/gallon and we intend to buy four gallons of it, so that's a significant discount.

Main job #2 was to try and get Lisa new slacks. I had the same issue last weekend, but for me it's pretty simple: go to Work World and buy a few more pair of the same style of slacks I've been wearing for most of the past two decades. For Lisa, it's not nearly as simple. We went to the Meadowood Mall in Reno and started working our way through the stores. You'd think it should be relatively simple to find some plain black size 14 low-rise straight cut women's jeans. It's not. We were there for the better part of four hours, and by my pedometer we logged on the order of 10,000 steps, and came away empty-handed and frustrated. Either they didn't have that size, or that cut, or those legs. It seems like most of the jeans are "relaxed fix" or "boot cut," and the sizes seemed to go 8,10,12,18, or else top out about size 6.

We were at the mall for so long that I was really starting to fade out. We started to go to the Atlantis for a snack, but the Convention Center next door was packed solid as they were doing four different high schools' graduation ceremonies, and we balked at finding parking at the Atlantis, even in the overflow lot on the west side of Virginia Street. Choice two was to head downtown and go to the Eldorado, where we've usually had good service, but that has been going after Midnight. About twenty minutes after being seated and served beverages, we gave up. The server, who was having to cover extra territory because someone hadn't turned up, and was dealing with a moderately busy restaurant, apologized and said, "Of course we won't charge you for the beverages," and in fact that made me feel better. We'll come back there some other time for their nice desserts, but not on such a busy day. (It looks like there are lots of bowlers in town for tournaments at the National Bowling Stadium in downtown Reno, and the casinos are getting crowded again. That's good for the local economy, but less good for getting served in a timely manner.)

Lisa realized that I was getting close to shutdown and drove us up to the shopping center where we get our groceries. We had dinner at the Fatburger in the same center, and I started feeling more human again. It also made it easier to do the grocery shopping, having a full stomach and all that.

Lisa still needed jeans. After the grocery shopping, we went to the Goodwill store in that part of town. We only had a few minutes to look because they close at 8 PM, but Lisa did manage to find one pair that fit. We then went to the Savers in the same shopping center (indeed, that shopping center seems to be nothing but thrift stores now that the Lowe's has closed) which is open an hour later. Savers had a larger selection that purported to be Lisa's size, but we only found one pair that actually fit. However, at least she has some more jeans now.

Finally we popped back down to Whole Foods Market to get a couple of things we had to put off until last because they were perishables and because we couldn't take the electric ice chest. When we started to load it today, Lisa noticed that the 12V power connector was broken. She'll have to buy a new one and rewire it if we're going to have use of the electric ice chest on our trip to Westercon.

We got home to Fernley before 10 PM. I'm feeling rather footsore and tired. Lisa says her feet are okay. The foot with the recovering big toe is coming along fairly nicely, with no complications in the healing process. But it would have been nicer today if more things had gone to plan.
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