Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Another Day, Another 300 Miles

I didn't wake up until about 11 AM this morning, and thus everything I'd planned for today was behind schedule. It took me a while to get myself together. Lisa made us lunch since breakfast was a loss, and I moved the van around to the garage, where we removed the seats again. Lisa wants me to pick up several more bookcases from IKEA when I get a chance, and that means I can't have the seats in place. We plan to put the middle seat back in before we head for Seattle, but leave the rear seat out in order to have sufficient cargo space for the trip.

Before I left, I took a few pictures of Lisa's test sections of painting with the quart of paint we bought a few weeks ago.

Here's the front porch steps showing the section Lisa painted, in contrast to how little of the old paint remains behind. We think the Sherwin-Williams "fireweed" shade of red is a close enough match to the old paint and the house's siding and brickwork that we'll buy several gallons of it once they have the porch paint (formulated for surfaces that will get foot traffic) is back in stock.

Lisa painted this section of the railing to see how it looked. I'm pretty happy with the results. Lisa does find it a little challenging, however, to find the right weather for painting. Cold we expected. (Indeed, Lisa has been having to turn on the heat in the morning even now in June.) Heat we expected. The wind, however, can be a real annoyance. You can't expect to paint when there's dust blowing around.

Lisa also painted one side of the wood box to see how the paint looks in contrast with the rock work along the east side of the house. I think it should be fine, particularly as I expect it to fade under the hard sunlight in Fernley, and also because unfortunately everything here tends to get covered in a fine layer of dust.

As her time and health permits, Lisa has been unloading the wood box and moving the wood back to the wood pile on the west side of the house because she wants to clean out the box entirely and paint it before we need it next winter. We also will need to replace the cover with a new sheet of plywood, which Lisa plans to reinforce so it doesn't sag and break the way the first one did.

Around 2 PM I finally got on my way. With stops in Reno, Colfax, Sacramento, Lathrop, and approaching San Jose (the last to pick up a small bit of groceries), it took me about eight hours to get home, and I think I've caught a cold, as I'm not feeling that great tonight. I hope it's mild, because with Westercon approaching, I have a lot of things that have to get done in the next three weeks before we head to Seattle.
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