Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Checking off the Honeydew List

I got away from San Jose just after Noon today, which is earlier than I expected giving how my morning went. Alas, I'm finding that the extra twenty miles south that I'm now staying adds nearly an hour to the trip to Fernley, particularly Mission Blvd between I-880 and I-680, which took around twenty minutes all by itself. I think I could have walked it faster that I drove it, even at 12:30 in the afternoon. But I did manage to miss the worst of Sacramento's rush hour and get up into the I-80 road work area after they'd knocked off for the day.

It's still light until around 9 PM right now, so there was no problem with Lisa and I unloading the three IKEA Billy flat-packs from the van when I got home. Then we put the middle seat back into the van (this turns out to have been a minor mistake). After that, Lisa suggested we head over to Lowe's to pick up the Muscle Racks that we'd ordered a month ago and that had arrived the past week. We got there only fifteen minutes before they closed, and we had to scramble to get the connecting parts and the wire shelves that go with the racks; we were their final customers of the night.

At first we thought we were going to have to tie the two pieces of Muscle Rack to the roof rack of my van, but we managed to just barely fit them into the inside of my van. We probably should have waited to put the middle seat of my van back, because it would have been much easier to put the racks in the back of the van without the seat in place, but we managed.

At this point Lisa realized that it had been too long since I'd eaten and said we should go get dinner, stat. We went to the Silverado Casino, the only one of Fernley's casinos we hadn't yet visited and more or less the most upscale of them. ("Upscale" is only a relative term here.) We had dinner in their restaurant (which isn't 24-hour, and that surprised us, but we got there before they closed), then headed home, picking up a gallon of milk along the way.

We unloaded the racks into the garage for Lisa to assemble later. She's gotten very good at assembling the Muscle Racks, and did an amazing job of organizing the garage with the racks. That deals with everything I think had to be done in Fernley on this trip. That's good, because tomorrow we have a full slate of things that need to be done in Reno/Sparks, starting with buying the rest of the paint for the porch, and I didn't want to have to spend several hours in Fernley dealing with local chores. Besides, the weather is such that it's much more pleasant to do the loading/unloading of the van in the late evening hours when it's cool.
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