Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Paint Win

On Saturday, Lisa and I went to Reno for lots of errands, the first and foremost of which was to pick up four gallons of "fireweed" tinted porch paint from the Sherwin-Williams store. The 30% discount offer on paint was still in force, as was the 15% offer on supplies, so we stocked up on everything Lisa said she thinks she'll need to finish the porch. For extra Win, the staff told us that this particular batch of paint was actually manufactured in Fernley, so we feel especially good about helping the local economy, buying our paint in Reno from a Fernley manufacturing plant. The only part of our money going out-of-area is the "corporate" share. Yay for us!

Mind you, we wouldn't have bought the paint if the test quart we bought hadn't also proven to be very good looking, easy to apply, and pretty much exactly what we wanted. It also helped a great deal that the S-W staff in Reno were friendly and helpful. We shop at the Fernley Lowe's a lot because it's the only game in town, and yes, it presumably helps the local economy as well, but the service there has been very uneven, so I'm just as happy getting a brand of paint with which I'm happy from a retailer who seems to actually want our business.
Tags: fernley, paint, reno

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