Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Shopping Win

As I wrote at the time, shopping last weekend was very disappointing. Things went much better this weekend. We found a couple of pairs of secondhand jeans at Goodwill and Savers for Lisa that will serve just fine for around-the-house wear. We then went looking for the Levi's store, but the one in Reno has gone out of business. In the same shopping center, however, there was a Lucky Brand Jeans store that, wonder of wonders, had jeans in Lisa's desired size and cut that were also not made in China. (Until now, we've not been able to find anything that met all of those criteria; everything was either wrong cut, wrong size, or Chinese made.) They weren't black, but the dark blue will be okay, and they said they'd have black in stock later this year as it's a seasonal thing. The sales clerk also didn't treat Lisa as some sort of oddity for not being a size 0 or 2 and for not wanting pre-torn jeans covered in rhinestones or something like that. I don't think we'll be clothes shopping at the mall shops again anytime soon. The only drawback is that the jeans Lisa found, which look good on her and fit well, are pricey. They cost more than twice what my work slacks cost, for instance. We got one pair and will keep an eye out for special offers or sales in the future.

We had lunch at the Manhattan Deli at the Atlantis — many Renovation members probably remember this restaurant — and did non-perishable grocery shopping at Grocery Outlet. (The electric ice chest is pending repairs that Lisa expects to make before we leave for Westercon.) Then it was over to the Nugget for the monthly Lightning Loot drawings (we didn't win) and dinner at the Oyster Bar, where the staff (particularly William, the water and bread server) once again remembered us. I even managed to mark a winning Keno ticket (for a net win of $6, but that's better than usual). The Lightning Loot drawing has a woman dressed as "Lady Luck," and we chatted with her before one of the drawings, telling her that we like costumes and such as part of our involvement with SF conventions. She said she liked SF/F too, and seemed disappointed that she hadn't heard about the World Science Fiction Convention having been right there in Reno last year.

So this weekend saw us spending a lot of money, but it was mostly for things we needed, and none of it seemed wasted. We got home pretty late, however, and I was beat by the time I got to bed sometime close to 1 AM.
Tags: gambling, lisa, reno, shopping

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