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Roads Not Taken

Had I tried to retrieve my van from Fremont today, I probably would have driven to Fremont BART and taken it up to Oakland to watch the Giants-As game. But while I considered trying to go to the game tonight (as it seems unlikely that the game would sell out, and I rather liked the idea of Giants fans outnumbering the home team's fans. (Apologies to my A's-fan friends.) But while I could get up to Oakland by transit for the game this evening, I couldn't figure any way to get home after the game. I'd be stuck in Fremont. Although I probably could have walked over and used my spare keys to drive my van away from Cory's back lot. (I would have left a message on his machine at the shop telling him I'd be back up Saturday to pay for it so he wouldn't panic over a vehicle disappearing.) But overall, considering how tired I am this evening, it's probably just as well that I didn't do this. And I won't go to either of the other games this weekend either, as it's my last weekend in San Jose before Westercon, and I have a whole lot of things that must get done before I leave for Nevada next weekend and Seattle the Tuesday after that.
Tags: bart, baseball, giants, van, westercon

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