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An Hour of My Life I'll Never Get Back

A few weeks ago, I responded to a survey and agreed to watch a pilot episode of a TV show that presumably might be on the schedule this fall. The showing was this evening. (Anyone in Fremont watching community access channel 029 on Comcast might have caught it as well.) Shortly after the show, they called me and I answered a bunch of questions.

The show is called "Girls on the Bus" although I didn't realize that was the title until the phone interviewer told me it, at which point I realized in retrospect that a shot near the beginning of the show, where the bus rolls its "destination card" up to read "Girls on the Bus" was intended to be the title shot. It's a sitcom about the press team following a presidential candidate. The apparent lead character is a fresh-faced, idealistic young TV producer for whom this is her Big Break. She quickly finds that the bus is a madhouse, full of people who aren't really interested in covering the campaign but instead about getting drunk or selling scandal, etc.

Oh, yeah, go ahead and be cynical and tell me, "But that's how the real world is." I don't have to like it. I still try to cling to some hope for this country through its political process, and the press coverage is -- like it or not -- part of it. Shows like this will just reinforce a cynicism that nothing matters, nobody can actually do anything positive in this world, and it's all rigged against us.

I suppose I should be a little pleased with one of the storylines about the lead's boyfriend trying to tell her he loves her being misunderstood and him being arrested as a terrorist. Anything that pokes fun at over-reactive Homeland Security can't be all bad.

This show was supposed to make me laugh. Instead, it made me want to despair about the future of American democracy. There are maybe as many as 1 1/2 sympathetic characters on the show -- possible 2 as there are two half-likable characters. Everyone else is hopeless.

If I hadn't previously agreed to watch the entire show, I would have turned it off within the first five minutes -- possibly the first thirty seconds. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best, I gave it a 2 overall, and feel I was generous. I gave the interviewer my opinions. Probably I'm an outlier, especially as I watch so little original network programming. But if I never see this show on the network schedule, I'll feel I'll have done my little part to help kill it.

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