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Fighting off an E-Mail Swarm

I had an early-morning conference call this morning, and will have another tomorrow morning before I have to head off for my doctor appointment in Palo Alto; it's a consequence of so many people in our company being on the east coast. I had originally planned to go to the office right after the call, but I was drowned in a storm of e-mails, and by the time it died down, it was close to noon. I got permission to stay working at home (yay!), and managed to get everything requested of me done before 5 PM, after which I was able to get out for another walk around Quarry Lakes Park. That's $16 saved in gasoline alone, by my reckoning.

The parliamentary kerfuffle regarding the Westercon site selection appears to have been resolved. It requires a bit of parliamentary stretching, but it gets us out of a jam without having to resort to flat-out ignoring the bylaws when they get inconvenient or resorting to kludges such as "pre-printed write-in bids" (the so-called "pink ballot" solution).

Oh, and I bought tickets for the May 12th Giants-Dodgers game, so we'll miss Friday night of the World Horror Convention. The good part is, since we're staying in The City that night, we'll be home much sooner than we usually are after a Giants night game. We'll have to get there early in order to get our free orange wigs (distributed to first 20,000 attendees) as part of the latest "Orange Friday" promotion. It seems suitably silly for Emperor Norton Field.

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