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Westercon Day 1/2

Seattle's Westercon acted approximately the same as Norwescon in one way: the first day of the convention didn't start until the afternoon. Because they were unable to move in last night and thus could only start moving in this morning, none of the convention functions started until mid-to-late afternoon. Registration (for pre-reg pickup only) opened at 2 PM. I don't know if the Art Show ever opened at all, since they didn't even get things sufficiently assembled until late afternoon to allow artists to start hanging.

One thing not like Norwescon is the space layout, even though we're in the same hotel as Norwescon. This does mean that "regulars" whose primary acquaintance with SF conventions is NWC are a bit confused. The NWC registration area is set with chairs and tables, while the space where NWC runs Information is part of Westercon's fan tables, including the UK2014 bid table where I spent much of the day next to Westercon 66. Westercon's registration is in the ballroom, which does mean they can secure it overnight without having to disassemble the Registration kit. This meant, of course, that those of us at fan tables got to spend much of the day directing people to Registration and also telling them, "It won't be open until 2 PM." Still, on the good side, it gave us a chance to engage with people since the convention wasn't really going except for us early-birds running fan tables.

As "Conclusion," (the style of Westercon 65) is nominally running in reverse order, the Dead Dog party was last night and the first major program item was the Closing Ceremonies at 5 PM today. Lisa had chipped in to help assemble the Art Show hangings and thus couldn't go, but she gave me Kuma Bear since it seemed important that the chair and vice-chair of Tonopah be there. We duly attended and were able to sneak in a plug for the Tonopah party, which will be Friday night in 1251.

Later, Lisa and I went to dinner with Scott Dennis and Linda Deneroff, where much smoffing happened about which I have little to say at this time, sorry. We came back to the hotel and went up to the Meet the Fan Guest of Honor party, hosted by FGoH Chaz Baden. A good time appeared to be had by all. Ben Yalow had arrived by then, and when we got to discussing tomorrow's Business Meeting, he pointed out that the article I'd written for the convention newsletter about the Business Meeting neglected to mention what day the meeting was. D'oh!

Because the Business Meeting will be on Friday morning at 11 AM — an unfortunate decision in my opinion, but it seems to be what the Management wanted — Lisa and I headed for the barn early, since we have to be up early enough to have breakfast and be set up for the BM by 11 AM. I'm presiding and Lisa is recording. Westercon doesn't require advance submission of business, so I don't know for certain, but none of the items of business that were rumored to me to be coming up appear to have materialized. That will make for a very short Business Meeting.

If there is no business submitted to the meeting, we will adjourn pretty quickly. Westercon rules do not require a Site Selection Business Meeting unless there's a disputed election like last year in Sacramento; therefore, I hope we can instruct Site Selection and the one bid on the ballot to proceed with the election as final as soon as the votes are counted. With voting being held open through 6 PM Saturday, that's the only way Utah — the only bidder on the ballot — will be able to hold a victory party, assuming they win.
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