Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No Surprises Here

This afternoon, Site Selection closed at 5 PM (the absolute earliest that it could close under the specific configuration of programming and Business Meeting that Seattle scheduled). I had volunteered to help administrator Ron Oakes count ballots, and arrived a few minutes early. I made a last trawl through the adjacent Dealers Room and Art Show doing the Town Crier thing warning people that Site Selection was about to close, and then helped with the last little surge of people who arrived just on the stroke of 5 PM. After that, I helped tidy up Site Selection and we and the representatives of the Utah Westercon bid headed up to my room (where Lisa had been winding down) to count ballots.

It wasn't a really difficult job, what with only 75 ballots having been cast over three days. (Indeed, only one ballot was cast on Thursday, the first day of the convention.) The results are on the Westercon web site. Utah won handily, with 59 out of the 71 ballots cast that expressed a preference. At 5:28, the results were certified as official and we congratulated Dave Doering, the chair of the newly-seated Westercon 67. On behalf of the Westercon Business Meeting, I instructed the Administrator to destroy the ballots.

I composed the message to the Westercon 65 newsletter with the results (public announcement of the results is part of the requirements of forgoing a Business Meeting) and updated the Westercon web site both with a posting including the voting results and by moving Utah from the Bids section to the Upcoming Conventions section of the left sidebar.

By the time I got everything done that I wanted (including something I hope to say more about on Sunday), it was close to 9 PM, the Masquerade was over, and Lisa and I still hadn't had dinner, so it was once again over to Denny's for a couple of plates of spaghetti, good and filling.

Finally, we hit the parties on the Penthouse level, including the victory party for Westercon 67 and the "Ordinary Hotel Room" party for Westercon 66 featuring the ThinBot drink-making robot. I even got into the act as one of the drinks is a non-alcoholic raspberry-lime mix that I can drink.

Lisa and I were fading out shortly after 11 PM, but decided to get slightly ahead on the Sunday morning move-out. We borrowed a bell cart and moved to the van everything we could box up that we no longer needed, such as the remaining cans of soda not used at the Tonopah party and that we'll drink ourselves (eventually). We'll probably need to get a cart again tomorrow, but we reckon there is only one more load to go before we can close out the room.
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