Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Majestic Files

The wormhole between Seattle and Tonopah's timelines popped open briefly this morning and spat out issue 6 of the at-con newsletter from the Tonopah Westercon, titled The Majestic Files. It only included the front page of the two-page 'zine, but it appears that Utah won the Westercon Site Selection in that universe as well, so perhaps the breech in the timelines is healing.

Also in the news from the Silver State: The Tonopah Business Meeting appears to have voted to remove all of the hedges in the bylaws about Australia, and also to add New Zealand to the list of places that can host Westercon. That change will have to be ratified at the next Westercon, of course.

The missing charter bus carrying fans from Las Vegas airport to the convention has been found parked along NV-375, but unfortunately none of the fans who were supposed to be on it were aboard. I have a feeling that possibly a very confused bunch of fans will appear at the Sacramento Hilton next year wondering how they got there when they were heading for Tonopah.

fluffcthulhu expressed His satisfaction with the main course served at the Westercon barbeque. Thanks to the national heat wave (highs in the high 30s C), the main course on offer was Barbequed SMOF Brains.

As fifty copies fell through the wormhole, I kept a few for travelswithkuma, Lisa, and me, and went downstairs and distributed the rest of them. I was amused when one person apparently mistook it for the Seattle newsletter; however, as one of Tonopah's pre-supporters was standing with him, I hope she was able to clarify things for him.

With luck, we'll see a copy of issue 6 of The Majestic Files on soon.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa, tonopah, westercon

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