Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Fall of the Mehama Giant

I wrote yesterday about how Lisa's siblings had the giant redwood tree completely removed, rather than just topped and trimmed the way Lisa suggested they do. (Lisa says the family had been topping the tree every 20-25 years; it was originally planted by her great-grandfather.) That entry has one of the better photos I've taken, showing the tree a few days before it was removed. Today I tried to recreate the angle and shot. I don't have it quite right, and do get a really comparable shot I need to spend time cropping the photos, but I did get some that area close.

Most of the trees you see that appear to be where the Giant used to be were either behind the Giant or entwined with it.

More photos in the Flickr set, which will get larger as I process more of the photos we took over the past couple of days, assuming I can get over the heartache some of these photos are causing us.
Tags: family, lisa, mehama

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