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Doctor Visit: No Surprises

I had my quarterly diabetes checkup today. There were no surprises at all.

My A1C (long-term blood sugar control) is 5.4%, which is within normal range although up 0.3 from the last test. (My doctor said that was statistical noise and not to worry about it.) He's happy with my day-to-day control. My cholesterol levels are just barely high enough -- I have low HDL "good" cholesterol and take medication to raise it. The only concerns are that my blood pressure is about 10 points too high still, despite medication, and I'm still technically obese at 280 pounds. (My weight is currently stable at 280 +/- 5 pounds.) The doctor says that if I lose more weight, my BP will almost certainly drop.

It's someone astonishing to see that I'd have to lose eighty pounds to be considered "normal." I'm 6'3" (190 cm), and need to weigh less than 200 pounds (90 kg) to not be considered overweight.

Dr. Matthews did emphasize that my diabetes control is excellent, and he's mainly just concentrating on the last few percent. Compared to many of his patients who have out-of-control diabetes, I'm doing great and should be praised for it.

Interestingly, Dr. Matthews has shown some interest in my hobby of science fiction conventions. He says he is a reader of science fiction and likes TV/movie SF. After I explained more about them, he said he might check out BayCon.
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