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Long Haul Over

I left Fernley before Noon today, but ended up staying longer in Sparks than I initially intended when I stopped briefly for a bathroom break. Having hit a small bonus on my club card at the Nugget, I elected to play one of the slot machines, and won a net $15, which more or less paid for the lunch I decided to eat before heading out over the mountains.

There's an SF Giants radio affiliate in Reno, but its signal only reaches to about Truckee, and there are no other network affiliates I can pull in until about Auburn. As I was making a rest stop at the summit rest area, I heard the Giants go up 3-2 over Houston before losing the signal. I later learned when I stopped and checked messages at Colfax that the Giants managed to hold that lead and win the game.

I ground my way home and got back to San Jose a bit after 8 PM. I would have gone to bed early (I should try to be in to work between 6 and 7 AM tomorrow if I can manage it), but I need to do laundry because we didn't do laundry in Fernley on account of it was too hot to face the trek over to the laundromat, short as it is. I think that laundromat should stay open all night so that people could come do their laundry when it's (relatively) cool rather than in the middle of 40-degree C days, but what do I know.

I reckon I've rolled up close to 3,000 miles in the past two weeks. My joints hurt. Although the seats in my van are the "luxury touring edition" and are relatively comfortable, it's still hard on me to spend that much time on the road.
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