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I Live In Hotels

Or so it seems, particularly when my apartment in San Jose is effectively a hotel converted into apartments, or else purpose-built on that plan. Anyway, this morning I packed up and drove to Fremont to attend the SFSFC board of directors meeting in the Centerville Depot Cafe, a location I originally touted because I lived within walking distance of it. I still actually like the location, but the space in which we've been meeting has become a small gaming store run by the landlord's nephew. As part of the conditions of letting him use it, they had to let us hold our booked meetings today and in November. After that we'll revisit the matter.

Personally, I prefer holding our meetings in meeting space rather than in personal residences. The latter may be more comfortable, but the former IMO make it easier to remember that at least in theory we're meeting to get some work done, not just socialize.

After the meeting I planned to head to Yuba City, but I needed first to refuel my van and I thought I could finally cash in a large number of recyclables that had accumulated in my van over time. As seems way too common most of the times I do this, the person in front of me was utterly clueless about the process and held up matters for nearly 20 minutes arguing with the person running the redemption kiosk over twenty cents' worth of containers. (The woman was trying to redeem non-redemption containers and didn't seem to understand that not every plastic container has a bounty on it in Calfornia.) I finally managed to get away from Fremont about 90 minutes after the SFSFC meeting ended.

The drive to Yuba City was uneventful but warm. It's very hot here. I'm certainly glad that the air conditioning in the Econolodge is powerful. I do wish, however, that I had remembered to bring my swimming trunks, as this would have been a good evening, I think, to use the small pool in relative comfort, especially as it doesn't appear to full of Screaming Kid Soup.

Since the internet connectivity in this hotel isn't very good, I'm going to post this now and not expect a whole lot more for tonight. It might just be a good night for turning in early.
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