Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Into Training

I'm composing this post while on board the Amtrak Capitol northeast of Berkeley, having caught the train in San Jose this morning for the trip to Sacramento. The on-board wi-fi works, although it's spotty and slow and I wouldn't suggest trying to use it for anything more intensive than reading e-mail, Twitter, and such. I doubt it would hold a VPN connection for long, for instance. But complaining about that is like complaining about the grace of the movements of the dancing bear, so I'm content.

I hadn't noticed until today that the Capitol has added a new stop between San Jose and Great America: Santa Clara Caltrain. The station there has been rebuilt to three tracks with a pedestrian underpass so it's possible for the Capitol (and ACE) to stop there without fouling the Caltrain line. The ACE stop had been "suspended" for several years during the construction, while the Capitol never officially stopped there, although I know of cases where they'd made a sort of courtesy stop to save someone from missing a connection. Now it's an actual scheduled stop.

I had taken light rail from my apartment to downtown San Jose, but had I known about the new stop, I might have walked a few blocks the other way and caught the free #10 "Airport Flyer" bus from Metro/Airport light rail to Santa Clara Caltrain via San Jose Airport. That would have saved me a $2 light rail fare. Possibly I'll do that on the way back on Sunday now that I know about it.
Tags: amtrak, trains, travel

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