Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

To Fernley With Bookcases

I'm in Fernley for the weekend, having driven up here this afternoon from San Jose. Besides the IKEA extra shelves I bought a few days ago, I also have carted up with me a large bookshelf from my old office.

I was informed a couple of months ago that if I wanted it, I could have the large bookcase that sat in my cubicle at my old office. (I technically still maintain a cubicle there and have been coming by about once every six weeks to let my laptop commune with the company network.) For various reasons, I hadn't been able to come get the shelf, but on Wednesday night when I went shopping in East Palo Alto, it seemed like it would be logistically sound to go on up to San Mateo and collect the bookcase as well.

Unfortunately, when I got there, I couldn't find the office hand truck. This is a large bookcase; I think it's IKEA, but it's bigger than a Billy, and too heavy for me to simply carry. I can shift it around, but I need the cart to get it to my van from my third floor cubicle. I figured the cart must have been locked in a storage room (that's happened before), gave up, went home, and left a message for the office manager, who said she'd look in to it.

I didn't hear back positively from the office manager, but I decided to chance it on Thursday night after work and made the trip to San Mateo again. No cart. Darn it! I really wanted to get this out of the way so I could put the middle seat back into the van on this trip to Fernley. So I hunted around the office and found a furniture dolly. It wasn't as convenient as a hand truck, but it did give me the tool I needed to get the thing out of the office and down to my van, barely. I had to tilt it back up when I got it to the elevator because it's taller than the elevator is wide. After stowing it in my van, I returned the dolly to where I found it and headed back to San Jose.

Today, I got a message from the office manager apologizing for not having got back to me, but she wasn't able to find the hand truck even in the locked storage rooms. It appears someone has "borrowed" it. Somehow, that made me feel better, in that I couldn't have done much better than I did, and that I was lucky to find the furniture dolly.

Lisa and I will get the bookcase and shelving parts unloaded tomorrow. Lisa has assembled and installed the other IKEA shelves I'd brought on previous visits and has been tidying up the house. The heaviest bookcases go into the family room, which sits on a concrete slab floor and thus should be able to take the full weight of all of those books.
Tags: fernley, furniture, house, lisa

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