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New Fridge

Lisa and I spent a large amount of today installing the new RV refrigerator that we bought in Oregon. It was a tough job, accompanied by considerable cursing by Lisa at the minor design changes in the current iteration of the same model of refrigerator compared to the one it's replacing. (It's the same model, but not exactly the same in all particulars.) But after a couple of hours, we got it into place and Lisa started it up. It began to produce heat, which it is supposed to do, since that's how an RV refrigerator works. We went off to do a couple of errands and checked the fridge upon our return. No cold inside. This was a great cause for concern and fretting. After a couple of hours, the freezer started to show some signs of cooling. We are hoping that eventually the whole 'fridge will cool down and that the issue is simply that it started from a very hot state (high 30s C) and it's going to take a long time to cool down to proper operating temperature.
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