Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cold and Hot

By the time Lisa and I got back from grocery shopping in Reno — around midnight due to having gotten such a late start on account of having spent all day installing the new RV refrigerator — the fridge had cooled down below 10° C and was showing that it was indeed working. We gratefully moved some of our perishables like the milk from the large fridge in the house, which makes getting up in the morning much easier since I can have milk in my coffee and cereal without having to go into the main house to get the milk.

Despite our worries about it a few weeks ago, the air conditioning in the trailer has been mostly behaving itself. There are times when it doesn't seem to be cooling the trailer, but we're now pretty sure this is mainly because it simply isn't powerful enough for the hot weather we get in Fernley and it can't keep up. After all, the unit was installed on a trailer sold in Portland, where it rarely gets into the 30s, let alone staying in the high 30s or low 40s.

I normally try to leave Fernley by noon, but that wasn't possible today. We had a bunch of computer-related stuff and documents that needed printing while I was up there, and because of the late night last night I didn't really get going until nearly 10 AM. Consequently, it was nearly 4 PM by the time I finally got away from Fernley, and despite curtailing my normal stops, it was almost 11 PM by the time I got back to San José, where it is much cooler and where I can crank up the air conditioning until I'm comfortable again.

I do need to get a few more long-sleeve summer-weight shirts. The shirt I'm wearing in the user icon here is just fine for winter, spring, and fall, but it's really too heavy for days like today, and quite uncomfortable. Since I'm so sun-sensitive, I need to wear long-sleeve shirts, so I need some made of lighter fabric.
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