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A Walk in the Park

As the weather was just about ideal and because she has to go back to the UK soon, cherylmorgan and I, after watching the F1 European Grand Prix (on tape; no getting up at 4:30 AM for us), went to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, located right next to the Dumbarton Bridge toll plaza. I've passed this spot hundreds of times commuting to and from work, but never visited it. They have a nice visitor center, and it is the trailhead for numerous trails. Cheryl and I took one of the shorter loops, mostly of the Tidelands Trail. It's a good sign that this trail left me thinking "I could go a lot more than this 2-km walk." Perhaps we'll go back sometime and take the longer (about 9 km) Newark Slough trail or an even more ambitious all-day walk that would take us down Alameda Creek to bayside, then back through the Edwards preserve and back home via Thornton Avenue in Newark.
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