Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Uncrowned Kevin

I worked from the apartment this morning before heading up to Redwood Shores to have my dentist fit the two permanent crowns on my right lower rear teeth.

Unfortunately, while the crowns fit over the ground-down areas, they don't quite mesh properly with my upper teeth. After several attempts to see if there was any adjustment he could do, my dentist said the crowns would have to go back to the lab for a bit of rework. We made an appointment for about the same time next Thursday.

After the dental disappointment, I tried to work my way back south along US-101, which even at that time of day was heavily crowded. I stopped at IKEA to return three of the extra shelves I'd bought last week. (Lisa decided, after examining the shelf-extension units and seeing how the extra shelves fit, that we didn't need quite as many extra shelves.) The returns process there was relatively painless, since we hadn't opened the packaging and I had the receipt.

Ignoring the side-trip into IKEA, it took nearly an hour to go from Redwood Shores to Mountain View this afternoon, and that was at about 2 PM. Now part of that can be attributed to the construction going on there, but wow, is that traffic bad.
Tags: dentist, ikea

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