Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hugo Coverage

The full announcement won't be up for a day or two, but it's now pretty certain that I'll be anchoring's text-based CoverItLive coverage of the 2012 Hugo Awards in Chicago. This is not the UStream video coverage, which Chicon 7 will be providing via the Worldcon1 UStream channel. CoverItLive is a text-based service, with some aspects of a chatroom, but with the coverage hosted and produced by me and others. CIL is nearly real-time (the UStream feed can fall several minutes behind, it appears) and isn't interrupted for advertising the way the UStream feed is. Also, if you don't have the bandwidth for streaming video, CIL is likely to work better for you. I think of CIL as the "radio" version of the coverage, as opposed to the "television" broadcast. Just like having baseball available on TV doesn't make the radio broadcast necessary, we've found that having both the lower-bandwidth CIL-cast as well as the high-bandwidth streaming video is a good way to maximize the number of people who get to "sit in" on the Hugo Awards Ceremony.

I'll post more once we have more the details pinned down and the pages posted on
Tags: chicon, hugo awards, worldcon

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