Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hugo Awards Marketing Committee Developments

Most of you who follow me are probably aware that I'm currently Chairman of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee (MPC), and a member of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee (HAMC). The HAMC was created by and reports to the MPC, by order of the Business Meeting (who passed a resolution to that effect some years ago). HAMC manages the Hugo Awards web site and managed the process that led to the creation of the official Hugo Awards logo. For the past two years, the HAMC has been chaired by René Walling, who has worked to develop usage guidelines for the logo and to make versions of the logo suitable for use in different formats.

A few weeks ago, René informed me that he was resigning from HAMC and would not seek reappointment should the HAMC be re-authorized by the MPC this year. I held off formally accepting his resignation for a few days until the HAMC finished its report to the MPC, which happened a few days ago. (HAMC's report will be included as part of the MPC's annual report to the Business Meeting.) As HAMC member Kate Kligman also resigned earlier this year, the only remaining members of the committee are me, Craig Miller, and Mark Olson.

With Worldcon only a few days away, I put on my MPC hat and appointed myself ad interim HAMC chair to serve out the few remaining days of the term. (I already do most of the content management for the Hugo Awards web site; that is, most of the material you see posted there in the past two years was composed by me even if I didn't write the original copy.) Should I be re-elected MPC chairman this year, I do not want to also chair HAMC — it's too much work, with too little oversight under the circumstances.

People who are interested in getting actively involved with trying to promote the Hugo Awards in general — as opposed to managing the Hugo Awards process for any particular Worldcon, which HAMC emphatically does not do — should talk to me and consider showing up at the Mark Protection Committee meetings. The first MPC meeting will be on Thursday evening of Chicon 7. The second will happen sometime after the final WSFS Business Meeting, but the exact time and place can't be set until we have a better idea of how long the Business Meetings last, and therefore if you're interested, you should pay attention to the convention newsletters and probably attend the Business Meeting as well.
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