Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Calm Before the Storm

Lisa arrived from Fernley last night. Alas, somewhere along the line she picked up a cold that includes a severe cough and head congestion. We got her some cough syrup last night that helped a little, but it's still very hard on her. We hope she won't be sick for the entire trip. It's not like the trip can be postponed: Worldcon won't wait.

Today I worked another long day (11.5 hours, total for the week 63.5 hours) at the office, and Lisa did our laundry at the apartment so that we can get packed tomorrow morning and start out on some errands we must run in the San Jose and Fremont areas before taking the train from Fremont to Emeryville sometime tomorrow afternoon. We'll spend the night in Emeryville so as to be convenient to the train station there and the 9 AM Sunday morning departure of the California Zephyr for Chicago.

When I got home from work this evening, I hadn't had dinner, and Lisa suggested we go get some burgers, so it was a good reason to go to the Carl's Jr. at 1st and Trimble, where I thus got to attend my first-ever Legion of Rassilon meeting, where they were showing The Androids of Tara. It was actually quite restful being able to sit there and not have to hunch over a computer for an hour. But after the meeting it was back to the virtual salt mine for one more hour as I sent e-mails tying up loose ends at the office and setting my work computer off on a backup job. I'm not taking the work computer with me, but I'm taking a backup hard drive of my work machine, just in case there happens to be something on the work machine that I need while I'm traveling.

Now I'm for an unaccustomed luxury: eight hours of sleep in a row. Goodnight.
Tags: lisa, sleep, work

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