Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon Trip Day 2: A River Runs Beside TrainCon

I awoke around 6:45 AM as our train rolled through Utah heading for Colorado. Lisa had a rough night, being awakened repeatedly by coughing fits. We pulled ourselves together in a leisurely way in preparation for breakfast. I got out my razor and pre-shave lotion and was dismayed to discover that the cap had come loose on it during the night. Now I keep that lotion in a Ziploc bag for this reason, but the bag itself had sprung a leak! Fortunately not a lot got loose and I was able to contain the damage and use a spare bag. After cleaning up a bit, we went to breakfast and enjoyed the view as we passed through Green River, Utah.

After breakfast, TrainCon reconvened in the Lounge Car for a while. Lisa was pleased to actually win a game. Some of our fellow travelers were intrigued by our card games and we explained how the game worked. At least one asked where he could buy a copy of Guillotine, and we said any good specialty game store should be able to get it for him.

It was mostly sightseeing today. The route passes through the ex-Denver & Rio Grande Western Colorado River route, sometimes sharing the canyon with Interstate 70, but in other places the only access is by train or by river raft. We saw many rafting groups in the river, and, as we had been warned, some of them decided to moon the train. We had lunch as the train paused at Glenwood Springs, right across from where Lisa and I had stopped for lunch on our drive back from Denvention 3. I wore my D3 polo shirt today in recognition of today’s major stop, which will be Denver. Unlike Lisa and my trip to Montreal in 2009 (which was diverted via the faster-but-less-scenic Union Pacific “Overland Route”), we won’t have a two hour layover at Denver. Tonight, the eight members of TrainCon are scheduled to try and commandeer the lower level lounge car area for BASFA meeting “Amtrak-6.” For my sins, I agreed to be Secretary, with BASFA VP Chris Garcia presiding.
Tags: amtrak, basfa, traincon, trains, worldcon

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