Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Chicon 7 Day 3: Out and About

We actually had time to go have lunch after the Business Meeting today. Linda Deneroff, after the Business Meeting, asked if she could join us for lunch and we told her that after I got finished with some meetings with people after the BM and changed out of our Chicon jumpsuits, we'd be happy to do so. While I was talking about WSFS Hugo Marketing business, Ben Yalow came rushing in to tell me that Linda had been injured in an escalator accident and wouldn't be able to join us. Yikes!

After I had my meeting, we started heading back upstairs, where we came to where the paramedics were finishing taping up Linda's leg. Apparently another person had fallen on the escalator and knocked her over, and her leg was badly scraped up, although nothing was broken. The other fellow got the worst of it, I understand, and had to be taken to the hospital. Linda, all taped up, was able to hobble along and said she could come with us after all. After we both made trips to our respective hotel rooms to put things away, we went down to lunch and back, getting a little bit of rain on us on the walk with what I guess must be the remains of Hurricane Issac.

After lunch we went searching for a helium balloon for Lisa, which she wanted as a prop for the Airships panel she was doing at 3:30. We found the Dominick's grocery store (I didn't realize it was a clone of Safeway, never having been inside one before), but they've been hit by the helium shortage and we returned without a balloon.

We donned our Chicon jumpsuits again and I navigated Lisa to the room in which her panel was located — in the "hidden" Silver level, from which stair access is obscure but which I'd earlier found.

I was going to stay and watch the panel, but it was SRO and I gave up my seat so that other people could get one. Besides, I must admit that I had some business to do for Wizard's Tower Press in the Dealer's Room, and this was a convenient time to get it done. Lisa later told me that the panel had some rocky spots, but recovered well, and she enjoyed her participation in it.

After my business in the Dealer's Room, I met bigblued at the Westercon 66 table, where she gave me copies of her photos of the 2012 Hugo Award Trophy she designed and the accompanying presentation she gave when unveiling it at the Opening Ceremonies. Later in the afternoon, I got the photo and write up posted to the Hugo Awards web site.

I've been feeling progressively worse and worse all day as this cold gets its hooks into me. Sometime between 6 and 7 PM, we headed off to dinner. Yes, Noodles again. It's close, convenient, and inexpensive. We're both not feeling that well, and fine dining would be wasted on us.

We ran across Dave Howell in the lobby and he asked if he could join us for dinner, and we were happy to have him with us for the walk down to Noodles. I wish Noodles & Co had a frequent-buyer scheme like Raviolis near the San Jose Convention Center did back in 2002; I ended up with one free meal that way.

After dinner, we rested in the room for an hour and then went out for a few parties. We briefly stopped at the San Antonio party, but our main destination was the two Japan parties on the 23rd and 24th floors. At the latter, the Nippon 2007 crew were there including Hiroke Inoue and his wife Tamie, who seemed delighted to see us, as Hiroke had been when he spotted us at Opening Ceremonies. He had earlier in the convention given Lisa more Japanese train magazines (he's a rail fan, too), and Lisa happily talked with the Inoues while I sort of stood there in growing dizziness. The N2007 people fed me a mug of hot tea — I warned them to wash that cup carefully before re-using it — and I left Lisa behind and staggered back to the hotel room. There I spent the next couple of hours getting videos prepared and writing LiveJournal entries.

I sure hope I manage to make it through tomorrow okay. I have a lot of things to do including my second panel. I'd like to see the Art Show before it closes. We have the Hugo Award coverage tomorrow night. I wonder if I can possibly manage to get a nap in there sometime mid-afternoon tomorrow?
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