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Chicon 7 Day 4: Site Selection Business Meeting Report

Not a whole lot to say about Sunday's pro forma session to receive the site selection results, congratulate the winning Worldcon, and hear Question Time for future bidders, although the new Helsinki bid's presentation was entertaining. There was no substantive business to discuss, everything of substance having been resolved at earlier meetings, so the meeting adjourned sine die and is done for the year.

Here's the links to the videos

Part 1: Formal results, Introduction and Question Time for Loncon 2, Question Time for Orlando in 2015

Part 2: Question Time for Seattle in 2015

Part 3: Question Time for Helsinki in 2015

Part 4: Question Time for Arizona (Tempe) in 2014 NASFiC

Part 5: Final Housekeeping, Announcements, and Adjournment sine die

After the Business Meeting, we hastily rearranged the room for the Worldcon Chairs Photo Shoot

Alas, because the Business Meeting had dawdled, it was already Noon, and several of the past Chairs had already left for their Noon panel commitments, like Mike Glyer, or in the apparent case of Mark Olson, got exasperated with having to stand around and stalked off.

I know it's a little annoying to have to stand there and wait and be told to look the same direction and also to put up with technical glitches (the batteries in the camera died just as we started the first run at the video; we were too far from the wall outlet to use it for that shot), but people, it's only ten minutes once a year. Is it really that much of a hardship? From the reactions of some of the people, you'd think they weren't particularly proud of their accomplishments in having chaired a Worldcon.

Fortunately, there was no problem in us tearing up the room setup of the Business Meeting to use the platform for a photo shoot, because they were going to need to reset the room anyway for the Neil Gaiman play that was happening at 1:30. But the flip side of that and the long-running meeting was the the MPC couldn't meet this afternoon and instead will have to use the 10:30 AM Monday slot that would have been the overflow WSFS Business Meeting. So I don't get to sleep in on Monday after all.
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