Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

On The Rails Again

I'm not sure whether I'll have my internet connection after I get up in the morning or have time to do any updates from Chicago Union Station (where they sometimes — when it's working — have internet access in the first class passenger lounge). Starting tomorrow, Lisa and I are heading for Los Angeles on the Texas Eagle, boarding a sleeper in Chicago that will be taken to San Antonio, then switched out and parked until it's added to the Sunset Limited bound for Los Angeles a few hours later. We'll be on the train three nights and four days, arriving at LA Union Passenger Terminal sometime Friday for two days in LA before returning to San Jose on Sunday on the Coast Starlight. There is no internet on the train. I'll be offline. I may actually be asleep much of that time. I might write stuff and post it later. But I won't guarantee it. Don't expect a quick response from me for at least another week.
Tags: amtrak, trains
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