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SMOF 'Till You Drop

Linda Ross-Mansfield is leading a bid to host a World Horror Convention in Winnipeg at some future date. (They're expressing interest, not requesting a specific year.) WHC's are selected in a similar manner to the World Fantasy Convention, by a board of directors, not by vote of the members the way Worldcon and Westercon are. Linda planned on being at this year's WHC in San Francisco to give the WHC board bidding materials and remind them of Winnipeg's interest; unfortunately, she put off buying her airline tickets so long that the price was unaffordable, and she's had to cancel. However, she's sent me a package of material and asked me to deliver it to the WHC board when they meet this weekend.

WHC started this afternoon, and I'll head up after work to attend the first evening. Tomorrow I move into the overflow hotel (I made my reservation too late for the main hotel, although given the badmouthing I've heard about that hotel, I doubt I've missed much other than the four-block walk between the hotels), but tonight I'll sleep at home. I hope to get away from work a little early tomorrow, because I need to get to my hotel (hauling luggage), check in, and then get back to Emperor Norton Park for the Giants game early enough to be among the first 20,000 (there are promotional items -- Orange Friday wigs).
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