Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Recovery Time

Has it really only been a week since our Worldcon trip ended? I had plenty of plans for this weekend, such as editing the Chicon Opening and Closing ceremonies videos that Lisa and I shot; however, some of those plans were scuppered by the travel to collect the van and by some other WSFS-related things I did yesterday that I'm not ready to talk about until the plans mature, if they do, and then today I found myself with no energy at all. If I hadn't had to go walk to the store to pick up some milk, I probably wouldn't have even gotten out of my pajamas today. But once I did that, I did at least work up enough energy to check out the vacuum cleaner from the front desk and try to tidy up the apartment a little bit. Other than that, I've been doing very little and trying to rest.

I'm still coughing from the cold I caught on the way to Chicon. Lisa, from the messages she's left me, is still only a little bit better, as, like me, the cold turned into chronic bronchitis, and also, she was the first victim of the bug we think she picked up under Fernley House. Everyone else, starting with me, seems to attenuated the bug somewhat. She worked a little bit last week around the house and triggered a relapse. I've told her to rest as much as she can. Time will heal it, but it sometimes takes a whole lot of time, and we ran ourselves down pretty badly for two weeks in September, even if we did enjoy ourselves most of the time.
Tags: health, lisa

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