Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

It's All Relative

Lisa and I were talking last night and she told me she'd run across a list of the ten largest cities in Nevada. At the top was Las Vegas (no surprise). Reno was #3, after Henderson. At the foot of the list was a surprise: Fernley. Yes, Fernley is the tenth-largest city in the state of Nevada, at around 19,000 people. As I understand it, the gold-plated water-treatment plant that nearly doubled my property taxes this year (still less than $1100/year) is the consequence of overly-ambitious plans that would, if they had come to pass, led to Fernley growing to be the "Henderson of Northern Nevada," as an over-sized outer suburb of Reno. That never happened, and I'll be surprised if it ever does, but at least we know we have very clean water, and that's not to be scoffed at.

(BTW, a search for "ten largest cities in Nevada" returns a bunch of hits, none of which agree with each other, so it's possible that our city isn't actually in the top ten at the moment, particularly after the post-bubble outflux that lowered prices to the point where we could afford to buy Fernley House.)
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