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This past weekend, Lisa reminded me that I needed to let her know if Union Pacific was doing any special trips through Fernley, in particular one of their two steam locomotives. Subscribing as I do to the UP Steam Team's Twitter feed, I figured that would be sufficient. Well, you have to go look at Twitter to see what's there, and I hadn't been paying particular attention for the past couple of days, and it cost us. This afternoon around 1 PM, Lisa heard a steam train coming, and ran out to the front porch to see UP 844 and the UP business train running through Fernley. In fact, it appears that 844 may have been stopped about a mile away for half an hour or so, based on the schedule I found later. But since she'd had no warning, she didn't have the camera and so there are no pictures to show of UP's Big Iron heading down the main at speed across from our house. Lisa got a great view, however.

She said, "This was worth having no air conditioning in the house this summer! I love this house!"

844 apparently will be on display in Sparks tomorrow and will travel over the Sierra on Thursday on its way to Sacramento, where it will be at the California State Railroad Museum as part of the celebration of 150 years of the Union Pacific Railroad. I do not yet know what the planned route of the train after it leaves Sacramento will be. It may head back over Donner, and once I find out, I will give Lisa as much of a heads-up as I can.
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