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Good Morning, Bunnies

While I'm working from home, I take a short walk after breakfast and before sitting down at my "office." The last few mornings, the rabbits that live around here have been active.

This photo was taken from my front porch, pointing at the vacant lot on the east side of our property. The camera zoom accentuates the apparent desolation. There's actually a number of clumps of bushes and other cover on that lot. It's also not out in the middle of nowhere; there's a paved street just beyond the shot, and we're in the middle of the old downtown area of Fernley, across from where the town's train station used to be before it was moved and before the city's commercial district effectively moved over closer to the freeway.

There are at least four rabbits hanging around our house that I've seen.
Tags: fernley, wildlife

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