Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Van Update

Got a call from my mechanic with whom I'd left the van when I came to Nevada. The check-engine light said the timing was off slightly, although he couldn't find a significant problem, although he did adjust it. More serious was that the van failed its smog test, and he found that the catalytic converter needed replacing, after which everything worked again and it passed the retest. Total damage including the smog test (one of my mechanic's neighbors is a smog test shop) is about $450, which is less than I feared. And thanks to stacking jobs the way I did, I was vehicle-less inasmuch as the van would have just been parked at my apartment in San Jose all week anyway.

I'll need to get away from work early enough on Monday to catch the train to Fremont and collect my van, but that shouldn't be too much trouble.
Tags: van
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