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Flipping My Wig

Although I got away from work an hour later than I wanted to and missed the BART train by 30 seconds, every other transit connection along the way went smoothly. I got out at Powell and walked up to Geary (buying a day pass along the way), and a 38L (limited stop) bus was just pulling up as I got to the bus stop. That got me fairly quickly up to the hotel, where I dumped my bags and cherylmorgan and I headed out. Walking down to the corner of Van Ness and O'Farrell, I saw a 49 bus one block away from us; we got on that and rode it down to Market, then went down into Muni and it was less than two minutes before a Mission Bay (Ballpark) train came along. So we got to the ballpark around 6 PM, and there were still wigs available. Yes, it was Orange Wig night; the wigs are actually orange with a black stripe down the middle. I understand that they ran out about 20 minutes later or so. Dave Gallaher took pictures. I'm going to have to upgrade to a paid account so I can add the icon pictures to my collection.

The game was not good. Giants lost to the hated Dodgers 6-1, and Barry did not hit the milestone home run. The Cha-Cha Bowl we had for dinner and the garlic fries were good, though.

Getting back to the hotel was easy. After making our way out of the park, we queued up for a Muni streetcar, which delivered us to Embarcadero. Coming out to street level, we were at the California cable car terminal, and a car rolled up just as we arrived, so we were able to get out of the cold and ride the car over the hill to the other terminal and the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway.

Eventually, we found the parties, and even though we'd left our badges in our hotel room, they let us in anyway because they recognized us. People reacted to us in our orange-and-black wigs with some shock. We said, "It's a horror convention, isn't it? At least I think we look horrible." They replied, "That's not exactly what we had in mind."

We hung around for an hour or so, but being orange, we needed to turn into pumpkins, and we headed back to our hotel. I needed to power up my computer to enter my expenditures into Quicken before I forgot them. I idly checked the available wireless networks. At least one of them is an open link not charging fees the way the hotel one is charging. On the down side, the signal strength is low to very low and it keeps dropping out, so I'd better hurry up and finish posting this before I lose the connection again. Besides, I need sleep!

Update, Saturday 14:25: Now with my new appropriate user pic, thankes to dave_gallaher
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