Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No, Really, Rainy Season

I joked about it a couple of days ago (and we got rained on again last night when we walked to the store to buy some milk), but by local standards, we really are getting wet here. Mind you, the local standards aren't very high. When I got up this morning, I found things moderately wet outside. You can really see the difference between the painted and unpainted parts of the front porch, and how the water has beaded up on the painted sections but soaked in on the unpainted ones. Unfortunately, the wood box painting wasn't finished, so Lisa won't be able to get restarted on that until it dries out again, assuming it does.

Of course, everything is relatively. According to Weather Underground, there has been a whopping 4 mm of rain in Fernley in the last 24 hours. Back in Mehama, you'd get that in minutes many days.

We're glad that last night we put the hood back on the Big Orange Van, on which Lisa has been working this week removing the water pump so that she could replace the gasket. (I'm needed for a short period during this job because you have to lift the radiator out of the van, and it's too heavy for Lisa.) You also have to remove the hood to have enough clearance to pull the radiator. Lisa had left it open to the elements, but last night we put it back in place. It's not attached, so when the weather clears, we can easily take it back out so that Lisa can get back in there and finish re-attaching parts, with the goal of my being able to help her get the radiator back in before I leave on Sunday morning.
Tags: fernley, lisa, weather

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